Learn Some Basics Of App Store Optimization

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Learn Some Basics Of App Store Optimization

ASO is worth learning as a result of its impact on your app development. Some may never find the need of digging the depths of ASO since word has been moving around claiming that it is similar to SEO. Though there is some truth in that, ASO goes an extra mile by making your potential users to convert to your app with immediate effect. This piece of information will increase your knowledge about ASO.

There are only two basic elements of ASO and that is post searching elements as well as the keywords. The post search elements entail app graphics and app description. For you to improve an app for the two components, follow the outline guideline below;


How are keywords used for app ranking?

As a matter of fact, how app stores rank apps has remained a secret to date. This is because if publishers were informed on how ranking algorithm operates, some would actually apply some tricks on the system. All the same, some ranking techniques are exposed. The number of downloads, ratings as well as download velocity which in this case means the number of times you have downloaded for the last three days play a key role in establishing the ranking of the apps. Unmistakably speaking, there is no need to know the accurate ranking algorithm in order to succeed in ASO. Knowing that highly established apps with more downloads as well as good ratings stand a higher chance of being ranked highly is more than enough.

Learn the disparity between Google Play and The Apple App Store

Google play and Apple App Store are quite different. Not to mention that they are the largest app stores. As a result most of your potential users will want to have an app from either of them or even both. As a matter of fact, most of ASO ideas in both stores are similar but there are still two major differences;

  • App Names; keywords in app name enable apps to rank higher. However, Apple dictates that the app name should only have 255 characters only. Google allows 30 characters only.
  • Keyword entry; Google play retrieves an app keyword from the app description gives you a room for 4000 characters field. On the other hand, the Apple Store utilizes keyword entry field within iTunes Connect to establish your keywords. The keyword field allows only 100 characters

To sum it up, the above is simply basic knowledge on App Store Optimization that will give your app wings to fly to higher ranking in the app store.

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