Immediate Hiring, Immediate Results

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The stakes were high, everything was working at a high level, and everyone in the business was very busy. All of the employees, and most especially the software engineer, were working at as high as a clip as they possibly could. I didn’t want to break it to them that we had a brand new assignment coming in, a brand new project that was going to be very time-consuming. I felt that we were working at a high clip of productivity, but I didn’t want to mess with the situation. It was going well, but I felt that even the information that this new project was coming in and that people are going to have to become responsible for it was going to break the great chemistry and momentum the head formed within the office. I didn’t know what to do. A friend suggested that I try software outsourcing. He gave me a lead to a great company, who was able to develop some software for me. Not only some software, but they developed for me the custom software that I dearly needed. I told them what I needed to be done, and they were able to do it immediately, I was kind of amazed. It was the best web experience I’ve had, and since I’ve had them work on some cloud services for my organization, sand diet data science and management, some Performance Management and some other General Outsourcing services such as Erp. I guess this is the bonus about living in an age where the specialization of Labor is so easily accessed by anybody. I guess I feel that now and I have any job that needs to be done, I can talk to any niche specialist who can deliver exactly what I need. Times have changed, and we have to keep up.


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