Bluetooth Beacons to Transform Retail soon

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Brick and mortar stores face a setback in 2015, while the shopping online showed good growth. In fact, even the giant retail stores had to close. However, not all the hope is lost as retailers have a savoir in the form of new technology. The beacons arrived through Apple as iBeacons in 2013 and were introduced into the market. These did not acquire interest initially, but caught up fast by 2015 end with Google entering the field with Eddystone.


Beacons are small devices that are wireless, battery operated and low-cost. The device transmits a Bluetooth weak signal to other devices are Bluetooth enabled that are promoted by cell phones using an AT&T signal booster or something identical. The beacons reach to customers as someone walks with a Smartphone that is Bluetooth enabled and provides the right application.


Importance of Engagement

The most trying hindrance faced by retail now is that it should engage customers who are much attached to their devices. The big fact is that it should convince customers to reach a store, battle the crowds and hunt an item that is convenient and more fun.


Beacons may assist in keeping your current customers by developing an engaging in-store experience.  Now, retailers with the help of such beacons can navigate customers through a store and find that they want and also get few perks for utilizing these efforts.


The first step is to engage. It is very important to bring back customers. Once that is done, the retailers can provide customers incentives to keep them on hold and to stay for a while.


Beacons as Experiences

Customers require experience and are the main reason that retail is shrinking, though it is not dead or closed completely. The fact cannot be denied that online shopping fails to convince the urge to feel a product. At the same time, it does not also permit to get the unexpected surprises found in the store.


The beacon technology embraced early is sure to offer the unique experience. The retailer can use it to promote customer experiences to include rewards, discounts and recommendations.


Beacons helps in drawing customers into the stores and also in keeping them inside longer, but bear in mind the technology may not be able to do this on its own. It should be installed and implemented with a robust strategy suited for each retailer. The strategy employed should offer an experience such that it is of value to customers.

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