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Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

This year, I’m endeavoring to make strides.

Care more for my general wellbeing. Drink more natural tea. Unwind. Exercise! Go to bed earlier and wake up with the sun. Regard dull chocolate for its helpful properties. 

Be more in control. Essential messages, particularly those as to Bear’s self-teaching, ought to be composed and reacted to speedily. I should prepare and mean to complete things. 

Utilize my capacities in the kitchen towards endowments of appreciation. A chocolate mayo cake wins over a buttercream awesome quickly. 

Enhance my arranging aptitudes. Think about and complete one handcrafted Christmas present every month. Incorporate breakfast and lunch on the menu and take the earlier night to set them up. Observe birthdays, commemorations, and other vital dates and give keenly. 


…live more. Go outside and relax. Notice everything. Embrace my child and kiss my significant other and live in the now. Be with the times.