3 Local SEO and Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today

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Are you struggling to increase your Google rankings in Auckland?

Not sure what SEO is, but are aware that it is something you should be doing?

Well I am about to give you 3 super easy to implement strategies that you can begin implementing today and see benefits through increased rankings, increased traffic to your site and into your store, and increased sales.

Before I tell you these though I have a quick story for you…

For years I used to try and ‘play’ or ‘trick’ Google to make my Auckland business rank high in Google. Do you think it worked – no?

My problem was that I wasn’t thinking of who my customers are and putting them first. I was to focussed on Google. Does Google pay the bills? No. Can they help you pay the bills? Yes!

With this in mind, I did a complete turnaround on my local SEO strategy. I got involved in our local community and realised that the more I put myself out there, the more things starting happening.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely a lot of technical SEO elements that help us and our clients a long, but these 3 ideas will help get you on the right path to success.

The team here at Rankd SEO Auckland, use these exact strategies I am about to disclose to help our clients not only rank, but just be great members of their local communities, something they are forever happy about.

So, here they are.

  1. Sponsor a local event.

Not rocket science is it!? Go to Google now. Do a search for upcoming events. Find events that are nearby. If they are relevant to your niche, then that is even better. Email or call the event managers and request a sponsorship package. For local events, you could pay anything from $200-$1000+. The goal here is that you want a link from their website, and to have your logo and be featured on their website. If they are trying to sell you posters and offline media, negotiate with them. Say no, and state what you need – don’t worry, they will definitely want whatever money you have to give to them! (However, if you do have the money, by all means go above and beyond).

Links from other websites to your own website (especially local, authoritative websites) are one of the most powerful things you can do to boost your rankings in Google.

  1. Optimise your Google My Business Profile.

This is the #1 thing you can do to help your business rank in local search results. Claim your listing here if you haven’t already.

  • Make sure you verify your address
  • Ensure the category is as close as possible to what it is you do
  • Include opening hours
  • Upload photos of your business – have some photos from outside so that people will be able to recognise it, and have some photos taken inside, as well as you and your friendly staff
  • Further to setting up your Google My Business, look for other relevant local sources.
  1. Reach out to local blogs and ask for features

It’s best to reach out to them with something ‘newsworthy’. Don’t bother emailing them if you’re just going to say “hey we are a new cafe in Mt Eden – we would it if you could feature us. Thanks”. Where do you source your products? What makes your cafe special? Instead, you’d say something like “Hey i’ve just opened a new cafe in Mt Eden. We only use the best local products that are in season, and $1 from all of our meals goes to charity. I’d love to share some tasty morsels with you off our latest summer menu if you have some time to pop down? Just let me know”.

How much better does that sound? Also be open to paying them. They will be much happier, and no doubt leave a glowing review PLUS it means that you are helping out another small local business trying to do some good – it’s win win!

If you would like help with any of this, or a no obligation free chat to discuss Auckland SEO and marketing strategy, then get in touch with Rankd. We honestly just love helping kiwis get ahead.

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